Situated some 30km South of the town of Rethymno, and approximately in the middle of the island of Crete, Spili has everything for the visitor who wants to experience ''natural Crete''. Mount Vorizi which hovers over the town is impressive, but wait until you walk up the side streets of this village to be really impressed. The cobbled streets and flowering shrubs are a photographer’s dream. In the centre of the village there is a Venetian fountain with a long row of 25 stone lionheads splashing welcoming cool water into the troughs below. Above the fountain, there starts the climb through the beautifully quaint village streets with their flowered balconies, arches, and cobbles.

Spili is on the main bus route between the north and south of the island so there are several buses a day. In the daytime, all activity is centred around the many cafes and tavernas dotted along the main street, and this is one of the ''must see'' parts of the area for tourism. In the evenings you can relax and enjoy, knowing that you have chosen this village to stay in, and chosen well.

Spili has ideal countryside, suitable for walking and cycling, with many different local routes to see and enjoy. Spili being 450 metres above sea level offers the advantage of cooler evenings, most welcome during the height of summer. The days are hot but the evenings are pure delight, just watching the local activity and the sun going down.

Spili has a special attraction for those seeking the raw natural beauty of the rugged countryside which has inspired artists, painters and photographers alike throughout the ages. In late January, after a relatively short mild winter, spring bursts into life with a spectacular display of wild flowers. Red poppies and mustard yellow flowers carpet the olive groves; on uncultivated ground you will find orchids, wild anemone, tulips and delic.


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Crete Greece